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Table 1499

Format of FTPSOFT.DOS data:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	(call) BA98h (if different, no data returned)
 02h	DWORD	-> NDIS common characteristics table
		  (see #01435 at AX=4402h"NDIS")
 06h	DWORD	(call) -> new dispatch table (see #01437 at AX=4402h"NDIS")
 0Ah	DWORD	-> 28-byte buffer for ??? data
 0Eh	DWORD	???
 12h	DWORD	-> FAR function to reset dispatch jump table to defaults
 16h	BYTE	???
Note:	the addresses in the new dispatch table are copied into an internal
	  jump table which may be reset by calling the function pointed at by
	  offset 12h

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