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Table 698

Values for PCMCIA Card Services result codes:
 00h	successful
 01h	invalid adapter number
 02h	bad value for attribute field
 03h	bad value for base system memory address
 04h	invalid EDC generator specified
 05h	(reserved for historical reasons)
 06h	invalid IRQ level specified
 07h	invalid PC Card memory array offset
 08h	invalid page number specified
 09h	unable to complete read request
 0Ah	invalid size specified
 0Bh	invalid socket number
 0Ch	(reserved for historical reasons)
 0Dh	invalid window or interface type
 0Eh	invalid Vcc power level specified
 0Fh	invalid Vpp1 or Vpp2 power level specified
 10h	(reserved for historical reasons)
 11h	invalid window number
 12h	unable to complete write request
 13h	(reserved for historical reasons)
 14h	no PC Card in socket
 15h	service not supported by implementation
 16h	unsupported processor mode
 17h	specified speed not available
 18h	busy -- retry later
 19h	undefined error (general failure)
 1Ah	storage medium write protected
 1Bh	argument length in (E)CX is invalid
 1Ch	bad value(s) in argument packet
 1Dh	configuration has already been locked
 1Eh	requested resource already in use
 1Fh	no more items of requested type available
 20h	out of resources
 21h	invalid client handle
 22h	unsupported client version

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