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Table 1698

Format of 10NET extended workstation printer setup structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	notification flags (see #01699)
 01h	BYTE	job control mask (see #01700)
 02h	WORD	days to retain file
 04h	WORD	test print length
 06h	BYTE	number of copies to print
 07h	BYTE	compression algorithm
 08h	BYTE	tab width (00h = don't expand)
 09h	BYTE	initiation type (00h normal, 01h non-spooled)
 0Ah 38 BYTEs	job start operation notification instructions
 30h 32 BYTEs	comment for job
 50h 64 BYTEs	output filename or non-spooled file

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