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Table 3196

Format of fixed disk parameters:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	number of cylinders
 02h	BYTE	number of heads
 03h	WORD	starting reduced write current cylinder (XT only, 0 for others)
 05h	WORD	starting write precompensation cylinder number
 07h	BYTE	maximum ECC burst length (XT only)
 08h	BYTE	control byte (see #03197,#03198)
 09h	BYTE	standard timeout (XT only, 0 for others)
 0Ah	BYTE	formatting timeout (XT and WD1002 only, 0 for others)
 0Bh	BYTE	timeout for checking drive (XT and WD1002 only, 0 for others)
 0Ch	WORD	cylinder number of landing zone (AT and later only)
 0Eh	BYTE	number of sectors per track (AT and later only)
 0Fh	BYTE	reserved
SeeAlso: #00273,#00277

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