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Table 1596

Format of new executable header:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  2 BYTEs	"NE" (4Eh 45h) signature
 02h  2 BYTEs	linker version (major, then minor)
 04h	WORD	offset from start of this header to entry table (see #01603)
 06h	WORD	length of entry table in bytes
 08h	DWORD	file load CRC (0 in Borland's TPW)
 0Ch	BYTE	program flags (see #01597)
 0Dh	BYTE	application flags (see #01598)
 0Eh	WORD	auto data segment index
 10h	WORD	initial local heap size
 12h	WORD	initial stack size (added to data seg, 0000h if SS <> DS)
 14h	DWORD	program entry point (CS:IP), "CS" is index into segment table
 18h	DWORD	initial stack pointer (SS:SP), "SS" is segment index
		if SS=automatic data segment and SP=0000h, the stack pointer is
		  set to the top of the automatic data segment, just below the
		  local heap
 1Ch	WORD	segment count
 1Eh	WORD	module reference count
 20h	WORD	length of nonresident names table in bytes
 22h	WORD	offset from start of this header to segment table (see #01601)
 24h	WORD	offset from start of this header to resource table
 26h	WORD	offset from start of this header to resident names table
 28h	WORD	offset from start of this header to module reference table
 2Ah	WORD	offset from start of this header to imported names table
		(array of counted strings, terminated with a string of length
 2Ch	DWORD	offset from start of file to nonresident names table
 30h	WORD	count of moveable entry point listed in entry table
 32h	WORD	file alignment size shift count
		0 is equivalent to 9 (default 512-byte pages)
 34h	WORD	number of resource table entries
 36h	BYTE	target operating system
		00h unknown
		01h OS/2
		02h Windows
		03h European MS-DOS 4.x
		04h Windows 386
		05h BOSS (Borland Operating System Services)
		81h PharLap 286|DOS-Extender, OS/2
		82h PharLap 286|DOS-Extender, Windows
 37h	BYTE	other EXE flags (see #01599)
 38h	WORD	offset to return thunks or start of gangload area
 3Ah	WORD	offset to segment reference thunks or length of gangload area
 3Ch	WORD	minimum code swap area size
 3Eh  2 BYTEs	expected Windows version (minor version first)
Note:	this header is documented in detail in the Windows 3.1 SDK Programmer's
	  Reference, Vol 4.
SeeAlso: #01594

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