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Table 3294

Format of HP 95LX system settings:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	country code
 02h	WORD	speaker volume (00h-03h or FFh for off)
 04h	WORD	contrast level (00h-0Fh)
 06h	WORD	week start (00h Sunday, 01h Monday)
 08h	WORD	punctuation format (see #03295)
 0Ah	WORD	two-character language code (only 5355h = "US" byte-swapped)
 0Ch	WORD	current date format (see #03296)
 0Eh	WORD	current time format (see #03297)
 10h	WORD	collating sequence
		00h numbers first, 01h letters first, 02h ASCII
 12h 80 BYTEs	name of picture file
 62h 30 BYTEs	name
 80h 30 BYTEs	title
 9Eh 28 BYTEs	company name
 BAh	WORD	number of languages
 BCh  6 BYTEs	available languages
 C2h 66 BYTEs	language menu
104h  2 BYTEs	ASCIZ date separator
106h  2 BYTEs	ASCIZ time separator
108h	BYTE	date order
109h	BYTE	use 24 hour time?
10Ah 16 BYTEs	currency string
11Ah	WORD	currency string position (00h prefix, 01h suffix)
11Ch	WORD	keyboard (see #03298)
11Eh	WORD	printer baud rate
		00h 300, 01h 1200, 02h 2400, 03h 4800, 04h 9600, 05h 19200
120h	WORD	printer driver code
		00h Epson FX80, 01h HP Laserjet, 02h IBM ProPrinter
122h	WORD	printer interface (00h COM1, 01h COM2, 02h IR, 03h LPT1)
124h	WORD	system manager interrupt (60h by default)
126h	WORD	code page (01h CP850, 02h CP437)
128h	WORD	active exit key
12Ah	WORD	active menu key
12Ch	WORD	active CHAR key toggle
12Eh  6 BYTEs	alarm

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