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Table 1394

Values for DOS OEM number:
 00h *	IBM
     -	(Novell DOS, Caldera OpenDOS, DR-OpenDOS, and DR-DOS 7.02+ report IBM
	  as their OEM)
 01h *	Compaq
 02h *	MS Packaged Product
 04h *	AT&T
 05h *	ZDS (Zenith Electronics, Zenith Electronics)
	Note:	Zenith DOS 3.30 supports >32MB hard disks; this OEM ID can be
		  used to detect that support
 06h *	Hewlett-Packard
 07h *	Zenith Data Systems (ZDS, Groupe Bull), for DOS 5.0+
 08h *	Tandon
 09h *	AST (AST Europe Ltd.)
 0Ah *	Asem
 0Bh *	Hantarex
 0Ch *	SystemsLine
 0Dh *	Packard-Bell
 0Eh *	Intercomp
 0Fh *	Unibit
 10h *	Unidata
 16h *	DEC
 17h *	Olivetti DOS
 23h *	Olivetti (may have been a typo, since 23 = 17h)
 28h *	Texas Instruments
 29h *	Toshiba
 33h -	Novell (Windows/386 device IDs only)
 34h *	MS Multimedia Systems (Windows/386 device IDs only)
 35h *	MS Multimedia Systems (Windows/386 device IDs only)
 4Dh *	Hewlett-Packard (HP)
 5Eh -	RxDOS (Api Software & Mike Podanoffsky)	 http://www.freedos.org/
 66h -	PhysTechSoft (PTS-DOS)	http://www.phystechsoft.com/
	probably Paragon Technology Systems Corporation PTS-DOS as well
 99h -	General Software's Embedded DOS
 CDh -	Paragon Technology Systems Corporation ("Source DOS" S/DOS 1.0+)
	(see also INT 21/AH=20h"S/DOS")
 EDh -	reserved for future OpenDOS/DR-DOS based projects  http://www.drdos.org
 EFh	Novell DOS
	Note:	released versions of Novell DOS 7 use OEM ID 00h instead
 FDh	FreeDOS	 http://www.freedos.org/
 FFh *	Microsoft, Phoenix (listed as "undefined" by Microsoft)
Notes:	'*' indicates an OEM release of MS-DOS, while '-' indicates an OEM
	  number used by a non-Microsoft DOS
	known OEM releases of MS-DOS:
	    AT&T DOS 3.10 (uses DOS 2.x cluster sizes and FAT structures)
	    Commodore DOS 3
	    Compaq DOS 3.31 (>32MB partitions similar to MS-DOS 4+)
	    Computerland DOS 3.10 (mix of DOS 2.x and 3.x disk mechanisms)
	    Eagle MS-DOS 1.25 (DOS 1.x with some hard disk support and built-in
		  ANSI.SYS functionality)
	    Epson Equity III DOS 3.10 (different clustering)
	    Leading Edge
	    NEC DOS 3.3
	    Olivetti DOS 2.11
	    Phoenix DOS 3.3, 4.01
	    Sanyo DOS 3.2
	    Toshiba DOS
	    Wyse MS-DOS 3
	    Zenith DOS 2.x (uses Zenith disk mechanism, extra drives at G:)
	    Zenith DOS 3.x (can be configured for Zenith or MS-DOS mechanism)
	    Zenith DOS 3.3 PLUS (>32MB partitions similar to MS-DOS 4+)

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