Values for the executable types understood by various environments:
 MZ	old-style DOS executable (see #01594)
 ZM	used by some very early DOS linkers, and still supported as an
	  alternate to the MZ signature by MS-DOS, PC DOS, PTS-DOS, and S/DOS
 NE	Windows or OS/2 1.x segmented ("new") executable (see #01596)
 LE	Windows virtual device driver (VxD) linear executable (see #01609)
 LX	variant of LE used in OS/2 2.x (see #01609)
 W3	Windows WIN386.EXE file; a collection of LE files
 W4	Windows95 VMM32.VXD file
 PE	Win32 (Windows NT and Win32s) portable executable based on Unix COFF
 DL	HP 100LX/200LX system manager compliant executable (.EXM)
 MP	old PharLap .EXP (see #01619)
 P2	PharLap 286 .EXP (see #01620)
 P3	PharLap 386 .EXP (see #01620)