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Table 3092

Format of ZFAX Configuration Table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	table version number (0300h for v3.0-v4.01)
 02h	BYTE	reserved
 03h 70 BYTEs	ZFAX working path
 49h 128 BYTEs	path to external editor
 C9h 128 BYTEs	path to external terminal emulator
149h 128 BYTEs	path to Ring Shell
1C9h 128 BYTEs	path to DOS Shell
249h 128 BYTEs	path to Data Shell
2C9h 70 BYTEs	path to Chinese font
30Fh	BYTE	printer type (see #03093)
310h	BYTE	printer port (00h = LPT1, etc.)
311h	BYTE	type of graphics adapter
		(00h auto-detect, 01h VGA, 02h EGA, 03h CGA, 04h Hercules)
312h	BYTE	display type
		(00h auto-detect, 01h LCD, 02h color, 03h mono)
313h	BYTE	scan code for ZFAX hotkey (see #00006)
314h	BYTE	shift mask for ZFAX hotkey
315h	BYTE	tone/pulse dialing (00h tone, 01h pulse)
316h	BYTE	Caller ID (00h disabled, 01h enabled)
317h	BYTE	Distinctive Ring (00h disabled, 01h enabled)
318h	BYTE	normal ring answer type (see #03094)
319h	BYTE	Ring 1 answer type (see #03094)
31Ah	BYTE	Ring 2 answer type (see #03094)
31Bh	BYTE	Ring 3 answer type (see #03094)
31Ch	BYTE	COM port for modem
31Dh	BYTE	speaker volume (00h-07h)
31Eh	BYTE	modem dial timer, seconds
31Fh	WORD	user-defined COM port I/O address
321h	BYTE	user-defined COM port IRQ number
322h 81 BYTEs	dial prefix string
373h 79 BYTEs	dial postfix string
3C2h	BYTE	ring count until automatic answer
3C3h	BYTE	retry count on busy signal
3C4h	BYTE	redial delay in seconds
3C5h	WORD	system password
3C7h	BYTE	reserved
3C8h	BYTE	voice file compression format
		00h CELP at 9600bps
		01h two-bit ADPCM at 19200bps
		02h three-bit ADPCM at 28800bps
3C9h	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 0 action (see #03095)
3CAh	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 1 action
3CBh	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 2 action
3CCh	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 3 action
3CDh	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 4 action
3CEh	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 5 action
3CFh	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 6 action
3D0h	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 7 action
3D1h	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 8 action
3D2h	BYTE	voice system: DTMF 9 action (see #03095)
3D3h	WORD	reserved
3D5h 25 BYTEs	local FAX ID to display on page header
3EEh 20 BYTEs	local FAX ID sent to remote FAX
402h	BYTE	FAX page size
		00h A4 (210x297mm)
		01h B4 (250x353mm)
		02h A3 (297x420mm)
403h	BYTE	FAX resolution
		00h normal (3.85 pixels/mm)
		01h high (7.7 pixels/mm)
404h	BYTE	FAX coding scheme
		00h 1-D, modified Huffman coding
		01h 2-D, modified READ coding
405h	BYTE	left margin for text in millimeters
406h	BYTE	vertical insertion for text in mm (0-20)
407h	BYTE	horizontal insertion in mm (0-20)
408h	BYTE	maximum text lines per page
409h	BYTE	text type (00h ASCII, 01h WordStar-formatted)
40Ah	BYTE	PCX image resize (00h disabled, 01h enabled)
40Bh	BYTE	AutoPrint (00h disabled, 01h enabled)
40Ch	BYTE	cover page (00h disabled, 01h enabled)
40Dh 81 BYTEs	cover page logo filename
45Eh 65 BYTEs	cover page sender name
49Fh	BYTE	print capture (00h disabled, 01h enabled)
4A0h	BYTE	send immediately (00h disabled, 01h enabled)
4A1h	BYTE	print capture printer port
4A2h	BYTE	print capture timer in seconds
4A3h	BYTE	scan code for print capture hotkey (see #00006)
4A4h	BYTE	shift mask for print capture hotkey
4A5h	BYTE	DataShell type
		00h internal Zmodem, 01h Data Shell, 02h disable
4A6h	BYTE	video I/O type
		00h auto-detect, 01h use BIOS, 02h direct writes
4A7h	BYTE	call transfer digits (0-9)
4A8h	WORD	voice recorder maximum time in seconds (0-999)

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