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Table 2092

Format of NetWare connection ID table [one entry of eight-element array]:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	in-use flag
		E0h AES temporary
		F8h IPX in critical section
		FAh processing
		FBh holding
		FCh AES waiting
		FDh waiting
		FEh receiving
		FFh sending
 01h	BYTE	order number assigned to server (1-8)
 02h	DWORD	(big-endian) file server's network address
 06h  6 BYTEs	(big-endian) file server's node address
 0Ch	WORD	(big-endian) socket number
 0Eh	WORD	(big-endian) base receive timeout in clock ticks
 10h  6 BYTEs	(big-endian) preferred routing node
 16h	BYTE	packet sequence number
 17h	BYTE	connection number (FFh = no connection)
 18h	BYTE	connection status (00h if active)
 19h	WORD	(big-endian) maximum receive timeout in clock ticks
 1Bh	WORD	connection number (if > FAh)
 1Dh	BYTE	major version of NetWare
 1Eh	BYTE	minor version of NetWare
 1Fh	BYTE	server flags
		bit 0: server is burst enabled

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