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Table 2491

Format of NetWare "Get Cache Information" reply buffer:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	current server time
 04h	BYTE	vconsole version
 05h	BYTE	vconsole revision
 06h	WORD	reserved
 08h	DWORD	"readExistingBlockCount"
 0Ch	DWORD	"readExistingWriteWaitCount"
 10h	DWORD	"readExistingPartialReadCount"
 14h	DWORD	"readExistingReadErrorCount"
 18h	DWORD	"writeBlockCount"
 1Ch	DWORD	"writeEntireBlockCount"
 20h	DWORD	"getDiskCount"
 24h	DWORD	"getDiskNeedToAllocCount"
 28h	DWORD	"getDiskSomeoneBeatMeCount"
 2Ch	DWORD	"getDiskPartialReadCount"
 30h	DWORD	"getDiskReadErrorCount"
 34h	DWORD	"getAsyncDiskCount"
 38h	DWORD	"getAsyncDiskNeedToAlloc"
 3Ch	DWORD	"getAsyncDiskSomeoneBeatMe"
 40h	DWORD	"errorDoingAsyncReadCount"
 44h	DWORD	"getDiskNoReadCount"
 48h	DWORD	"getDiskNoReadAllocCount"
 4Ch	DWORD	"getDiskNoReadSomeoneBeatMeCount"
 50h	DWORD	"diskWriteCount"
 54h	DWORD	"diskWriteAllocCount"
 58h	DWORD	"diskWriteSomeoneBeatMeCount"
 5Ch	DWORD	"writeErrorCount"
 60h	DWORD	"waitOnSemaphoreCount"
 64h	DWORD	"allocBlockWaitForSomeoneCount"
 68h	DWORD	"allocBlockCount"
 6Ch	DWORD	"allocBlockWaitCount"
 70h	DWORD	original number of cache buffers
 74h	DWORD	current number of cache buffers
 78h	DWORD	cache dirty-block threshold
 7Ch	DWORD	"waitNodeCount"
 80h	DWORD	"waitNodeAllocFailureCount"
 84h	DWORD	"moveCacheNodeCount"
 88h	DWORD	"moveCacheNodeFromAvailCount"
 8Ch	DWORD	"accelerateCacheNodeWriteCount"
 90h	DWORD	"removeCacheNodeCount"
 94h	DWORD	"removeCacheNodeFromAvailCount"
 98h	DWORD	number of cache checks
 9Ch	DWORD	number of cache hits
 A0h	DWORD	number of dirty-cache checks
 A4h	DWORD	number of dirty-cache hits
 A8h	DWORD	"cacheUsedWhileChecking"
 ACh	DWORD	"waitForDirtyBlocksDecreaseCount"
 B0h	DWORD	"allocBlockFromAvailCount"
 B4h	DWORD	"allocBlockFromLRUCount"
 B8h	DWORD	"allocBlockAlreadyWaiting"
 BCh	DWORD	"LRUSittingTime"
 C0h	DWORD	maximum byte count
 C4h	DWORD	minimum number of cache buffers
 C8h	DWORD	minimum cache report threshold
 D0h	DWORD	"allocWaitingCount"
 D4h	DWORD	number of dirty cache blocks
 D8h	DWORD	"cacheDirtyWaitTime"
 DCh	DWORD	"maxDirtyTime"
 E0h	DWORD	number of directory cache buffers
 E4h	DWORD	"cacheByteToBlockShiftFactor"
SeeAlso: #02490

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