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Table 1691

Format of 10Net Configuration Table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  8 BYTEs	user name
 08h 15 BYTEs	node ID
 17h  3 BYTEs	unique portion of Ethernet address
 1Ah	BYTE	Who group number
 1Bh	WORD	services mask (see #01693)
 1Dh	DWORD	serial number
 21h	BYTE	maximum concurrent users with same serial number allowed on net
 22h	BYTE	chat mask (see #01694)
 23h	BYTE	internal system bits (see #01695)
 24h  9 BYTEs	version number in format MM.mm.xxx
 2Dh	BYTE	flag: 01h if machine is a PS/2
 2Eh	BYTE	flag: 03h if 80386
 2Fh	BYTE	spool termination mode: 01h concatenate, 02h truncate
		(see AX=5D09h)
 30h	WORD	autospool timeout in clock ticks
 32h	WORD	monitor timeout in clock ticks
 34h	WORD	unused
 36h	WORD	chat timeout in clock ticks
 38h	WORD	netBIOS session timeout in half-seconds
 3Ah	WORD	datagram send timeout in seconds
 3Ch	WORD	keyboard value for initiating chat mode
 3Eh	WORD	Who timeout in clock ticks
 40h	BYTE	flag: 01h if server should process rom NetBIOS Post return
 41h	BYTE	flag: 01h if FCBs should be recycled
 42h  3 BYTEs	signature "DBG"
 45h	BYTE	last interrupt (21h or 6Fh)
 46h	BYTE	last INT 21 AH value
 47h	BYTE	last INT 6F AH value
 48h	WORD	last item posted
 4Ah	WORD	last item free-posted
 4Ch	WORD	last item handled by server
 4Eh	WORD	last redirector send NCB
 50h	WORD	last redirector receive NCB
 52h  4 BYTEs	signature "TABL"
 56h	WORD	offset of datagram buffer table header (see #01692)
 58h	WORD	offset of chat buffer table header (see #01692)
 5Ah	WORD	offset of Raw buffer table header (see #01692)
 5Ch	WORD	offset of Workstation buffer table header (see #01692)
 5Eh	WORD	offset of server receive-any table header (see #01692)
 60h	WORD	offset of Tiny buffer table header (see #01692)
 62h	WORD	offset of zero-length buffer table (NCBs) (see #01692)
 64h	WORD	offset of Rdr (Redirector Mount) table header (see #01692)
 66h	WORD	offset of Ntab (Redirector Session) table header (see #01692)
 68h	WORD	offset of FCB table header (see #01692)
 6Ah	WORD	offset of user file handle table header (see #01692)
 6Ch	WORD	offset of workstation printer RDR extension table header
 6Eh	WORD	offset of server shared device table header (see #01692)
 70h	WORD	offset of server connection table header (see #01692)
 72h	WORD	offset of server login table header (see #01692)
 74h	WORD	offset of server file table header (see #01692)
 76h	WORD	offset of server shared file table header (see #01692)
 78h	WORD	offset of server record lock table header (see #01692)
 7Ah	WORD	offset of remote printer claim table header (see #01692)
 7Ch	WORD	offset of remote printer device table header (see #01692)
 7Eh	WORD	offset of print server mount table header (see #01692)
 80h	WORD	offset of print server sessions table header (see #01692)
 82h	WORD	offset of print server print job structure table header
 84h	WORD	offset of print server pooled device table header (see #01692)
 86h	WORD	size of workstation buffer
 88h	WORD	size of server receive-any buffer
 8Ah	WORD	size of server raw I/O buffer
 8Ch  6 BYTEs	reserved
 92h	DWORD	pointer to profile pathname
 96h	BYTE	datagram retry count
 97h	BYTE	NetBIOS LAN adapter number
 98h  6 BYTEs	physical Ethernet address
 9Eh	BYTE	NetBIOS server name number
 9Fh	BYTE	NetBIOS redirector name number
 A0h	BYTE	10Net interrupt number
 A1h	BYTE	flag: chat is loaded
 A2h	BYTE	flag: INT 6F APIs permanently loaded
 A3h	BYTE	flag: file security present
 A4h	WORD	reserved
 A6h	BYTE	fixed mount bitmask for drives A:-H:
 A7h	BYTE	reserved
 A8h	WORD	10Net system flags (see #01696)
 AAh	BYTE	monitor flags (see #01697)
 ABh  5 BYTEs	reserved
 B0h	WORD	offset of monitor timer block
 B2h	WORD	offset of server timer block
 B4h	WORD	offset of chat timer block
 B6h	WORD	timer chain
 B8h  4 BYTEs	signature "TALS"
 BCh	WORD	number of 10Net sends
 BEh	WORD	number of 10Net receives
 C0h	WORD	number of no-buffer conditions
 C2h	WORD	number of dropped posted messages
 C4h	WORD	number of server NCB errors
 C6h	WORD	number of redirector NCB errors
 C8h	WORD	number of datagram send/receive errors
 CAh	WORD	number of dropped Whos
 CCh	WORD	number of dropped submits
 CEh	WORD	number of session aborts
 D0h	BYTE	number of NetBIOS interface-busy errors
 D1h	BYTE	last NetBIOS bad post command
 D2h	BYTE	last NetBIOS bad redirector command
 D3h	BYTE	do send datagram send/receive error command
 D4h	DWORD	-> DOS system parameter table
 D8h	WORD	number of DOS physical drives
 DAh	WORD	offset of DOS PSP field in DOS data segment
 DCh	WORD	offset of in-DOS flag in DOS data segment
 DEh	WORD	DOS data segment
 E0h	WORD	offset of DOS SFT in DOS data segment
 E2h	WORD	offset of number-of-physical-units field in DOS data segment
 E4h	WORD	10Net code segment
 E6h	WORD	10Net data segment
 E8h	WORD	10Net common server segment
 EAh	WORD	10Net file server segment
 ECh	WORD	10Net print server segment
 EEh	WORD	10Net remote printer segment
Note:	documentation lists field at offset D0h as a WORD, but all following
	  offsets are as though it were a BYTE; if it is indeed a WORD, all
	  offsets after D0h must be increased by one byte

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