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Table 289

Values for FAST! function:
 01h	get cache information (see AX=8001h)
 04h	disable cache
 05h	enable cache and reset statistics
 06h	installation check (see AX=8006h)
 07h	unhook interrupts (see AX=8007h)
 09h	flush cache
 0Ah	(v4.02+) enable staged writes
 0Bh	(v4.02+) disable staged writes
 0Ch	(v4.02+) enable beep on flush
 0Dh	(v4.02+) disable beep on flush
 0Eh	???
 0Fh	???
 10h	(v4.12+) enable hotkeys
 11h	(v4.12+) disable hotkeys
 12h	(v4.13+) set idle delay
 13h	(v4.13+) set flush dirty percentage
 14h	(v5.00+) enable mouse checks
 15h	(v5.00+) disable mouse checks
 16h	(v5.00d+) reduce cache size to minimum
 17h	(v5.00d+) increase cache size to maximum

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