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Table 2588

Format of CiriSOFT author_name_ver table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 -16	WORD	segment of the start of the resident TSR code (CS in programs
		  with PSP, XMS upper memory segment if installed as UMB...)
 -14	WORD	offset of the start of the resident TSR code (frequently 100h
		  in *.COM programs and 0 in upper memory TSR's).
 -12	WORD	memory used by TSR (in paragraphs). Knowing the memory area
		  used by TSR is possible to determine if hooked vectors are
		  still pointing it (and if it is safe to uninstall).
 -10	BYTE	characteristics byte (see #02589)
 -9	BYTE	number of multiplex entry used (redefinition available). Note
		  that the TSR must use THIS variable in it's INT 2Fh handler.
 -8	WORD	offset to vector_area table (see #02590)
 -6	WORD	offset to extra_area table (see #02591,#02589 [bit 7])
 -4   4 BYTEs	signature string "*##*"
 00h	var	"AUTHOR:PROGRAM_NAME:VERSION",0	 (variable length, this area
		  is used in order to determine if the TSR is already resident
		  and it's version code; the ':' char is used as delimiter)

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