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Table 1388

Format of TAME 2.60 data area:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	data structure minor version number (02h in TAME 2.60)
 01h	BYTE	data structure major version number (0Bh in TAME 2.60)
 02h	DWORD	number of task switches
 06h	DWORD	number of keyboard polls
 0Ah	DWORD	number of time polls
 0Eh	DWORD	number of times DESQview told program runs only in foreground
 12h	DWORD	time of last /CLEAR or TAME-RES load
 16h	DWORD	time yielded
 1Ah	DWORD	time spent polling
 1Eh	DWORD	time spent waiting on key input with INT 16/AH=01h,11h
 22h  4 BYTEs	???
 26h	DWORD	original INT 10h
 2Ah	DWORD	original INT 14h
 2Eh	DWORD	original INT 15h
 32h	DWORD	original INT 16h
 36h	DWORD	original INT 17h
 3Ah	DWORD	original INT 21h
 3Eh	DWORD	original INT 28h
 42h	WORD	offset of TAME INT 10h handler
 44h	WORD	offset of TAME INT 14h handler
 46h	WORD	offset of TAME INT 15h handler
 48h	WORD	offset of TAME INT 16h handler
 4Ah	WORD	offset of TAME INT 17h handler
 4Ch	WORD	offset of TAME INT 21h handler
 4Eh	WORD	offset of TAME INT 28h handler
 50h	WORD	X in /max:X,Y or /freq:X,Y
 52h	WORD	Y in /max:X,Y or /freq:X,Y
 54h	WORD	number of polls remaining before next task switch
 56h	WORD	/KEYIDLE value
 58h  4 BYTEs	???
 5Ch	WORD	X in /boost:X,Y
 5Eh	WORD	Y in /boost:X,Y
 60h	WORD	/FG: value
 62h	WORD	task switches remaining until next FGONLY DESQview API call
 64h	WORD	multitasker version ???
 66h	WORD	virtual screen segment
 68h	BYTE	interrupts already grabbed by TAME (see #01383)
 69h	BYTE	flags for interrupts which may be acted on (same bits as above)
 6Ah	BYTE	window or task number for this task
 6Bh	BYTE	multitasker type (see #01384)
 6Ch	BYTE	type of task switching selected (bit flags) (see #01385)
 6Dh	BYTE	watch_DOS
 6Eh	BYTE	action flags (see #01387)
 6Fh	BYTE	old status
 70h	WORD	signature DA34h

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