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Table 3786

Values for TARGA.DEV error code:
 00h	illegal command given to SCSI code
 01h	invalid I/O port specified (must be from 100H to 3F8H, and must be on
	  an 8-port boundary)
 02h	invalid DMA channel specified (must be from 1 to 3)
 03h	invalid SCSI board number specified (must be from 0 to 7)
 04h	error from data register test during self-test
 05h	SCSI input signals not all 0 when SCSI RST activated
 06h	SCSI input signals not all 0 before selecting a SCSI device
 07h	BSY signal is active; SCSI bus is busy
 08h	SCSI board not selected, BSY signal did not come on in response to
	  raising SEL
 09h	time-out waiting for status state, signifying end of DMA transfer

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