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Table 3286

Format of HP 95LX multi-line edit record:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	pointer to user-supplied edit buffer
 04h	WORD	length of edit buffer
 06h	WORD	current cursor position
 08h	WORD	starting row of edit area (-3 is topmost, 0 is first user line)
 0Ah	WORD	starting column of edit area
 0Ch	WORD	height of edit area
 0Eh	WORD	width of edit area
 10h	WORD	current top row (-3 is topmost, 0 is first user line)
 12h	WORD	number of rows displayable
 14h	BYTE	cursor column
 15h	BYTE	01h if buffer has been modified
 16h	BYTE	first displayable column (ticker fields only)
 17h	BYTE	01h if wordwrap enabled, FFh if ticker field
 18h	DWORD	pointer to array of line starts (at least one bigger than edit
		  area is high)
 1Ch	BYTE	currently marking?
 1Dh	BYTE	flag
 1Eh	WORD	offset of mark start
 20h	WORD	offset of mark end (inclusive)
 22h	WORD	displayable columns

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