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Table 3285

Format of HP 95LX edit record:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	current length of edit buffer
 02h	BYTE	flag for special processing on first character
 03h	BYTE	flags
		bit 0: tab handling
 04h	WORD	editing in prompt window?
 06h	DWORD	pointer to top line of prompt window message
 0Ah	WORD	length of top line of prompt
 0Ch	DWORD	pointer to second line of prompt window message
 10h	WORD	length of second line of prompt
 12h 80 BYTEs	workspace for editing
 62h  2 WORDs	line array needed for multi-line editing
 66h 36 BYTEs	multi-line edit record (see #03286)
 8Ah	WORD	displayable columns

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