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Table 1885

Format of NetWare request buffer:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	length of following data
 02h	BYTE	subfunction number (see also AH=E3h/SF=01h,AH=E3h/SF=02h)
		00h login
		03h map object to number
		04h map number to object
		05h get station's logged information
		06h get station's root mask (obsolete)
		07h map group name to number
		08h map number to group name
		09h get memberset M of group G
	var	depends on subfunction
Notes:	the above subfunctions are not described in _NetWare_System_Calls--DOS_
	see separate entries below for other subfunctions
SeeAlso: #01886,#01887,#01890

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