Format of PCI Capabilities List:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	capability identifier
		01h PCI Power Managment
 01h	BYTE	offset of next item (within configuration space) or 00h
      N	BYTEs	varies by capability type
---PCI Power Management---
 02h	WORD	power managment capabilities (see #00885) (read-only)
 04h	WORD	power managment capabilities status register (see #00886)
 06h	BYTE	PMCSR bridge support extensions (see #00887)
 07h	BYTE	(optional) read-only data register (see #00888)
Note:	this information is from the v0.93 draft of the specification and is
	  subject to change
SeeAlso: #00878,#00880