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Table 3783

Format of 10NET shared device structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  8 BYTEs	alias
 08h	BYTE	type (02h modem, 03h print queue, 04h directory)
 09h	BYTE	access rights
		bit 0: read
		bit 1: write
		bit 2: create
 0Ah  8 BYTEs	password
 12h 32 BYTEs	comment
 32h 64 BYTEs	pathname of shared directory
---print queue---
 32h	BYTE	notification bit mask (see #03784)
 33h	BYTE	job control bit mask (see #03785)
 34h	WORD	number of days to retain file
 36h	WORD	test print length
 38h	BYTE	number of copies to print
 39h	BYTE	compression algorithm
 3Ah	BYTE	tab width (00h = don't expand)
 3Bh	BYTE	priority
 3Ch	WORD	time to open queue (FFFFh = always)
 3Eh	WORD	time to close queue
 40h	WORD	pause following queue switch, in clock ticks
 42h	WORD	pause between print jobs, in clock ticks
 44h	BYTE	associate queue file existence mask
		bit 0: queue switch file exists
		bit 1: initiate file exists
		bit 2: abort file exists
 45h  6 BYTEs	character sequence for page eject
 4Bh	BYTE	status of print queue
		bit 0: queue is closed
 4Ch	WORD	number of jobs on queue
 4Eh	WORD	offset of next print job to be dispatched (FFFFh = none)
 50h	BYTE	number of print devices in printer pool
 51h	WORD	offset of first print device structure (FFFFh if empty)

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