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Table 1682

Values for DOS Error Class:
 01h (1)  out of resource (storage space or I/O channels)
 02h (2)  temporary situation (file or record lock)
 03h (3)  authorization / permission problem (denied access)
 04h (4)  internal system error (system software bug)
 05h (5)  hardware failure
 06h (6)  system failure (configuration file missing or incorrect)
 07h (7)  application program error
 08h (8)  not found
 09h (9)  bad format
 0Ah (10) locked
 0Bh (11) media error
 0Ch (12) already exists / collision with existing item
 0Dh (13) unknown / other
 0Eh (14) (undoc) cannot
 0Fh (15) (undoc) time
SeeAlso: #01680,#01683,#01684

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