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Table 1282

Values for DOSMGR (VxD ID 0015h) service number:
 0000h	get version
 0001h	set exec VM data
 0002h	coyp VM drive state
 0003h	execute VM
 0004h	get InDOS pointer
 0005h	add device
 0006h	remove device
 0007h	instance device
 0008h	get DOS critical status
 0009h	enable InDOS polling
 000Ah	backfill allowed
 000Bh	"LocalGlobalReg"
 000Ch	"Init_UMB_Area"
 000Dh	"Begin_V86_App"
 000Eh	"End_V86_App"
 000Fh	"Alloc_Local_Sys_VM_Mem"
	EAX = number of paragraphs??? to allocate
 0010h	"DOSMGR_Grow_CDSs"
 0011h	"DOSMGR_Translate_Server_DOS_Call"
 0012h	"DOSMGR_MMGR_PSP_Change_Notifier"
SeeAlso: #01281,#02656 at INT 2F/AX=1684h/BX=0015h

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