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Table 2781

Call the Cloaking "Start Protected-Mode Client" function with:
	AH = 82h
	DX = XMS handle of locked block containing protected-mode code
	CL = code size (00h 16-bit, else 32-bit)
	ESI, EDI = parameters to pass to protected-mode code
Return: AX = status
	    nonzero success
	    0000h failed
		BL = error code (A2h,B0h) (see #02775)
Notes:	this function calls a user initialization function at offset 0 in
	  the XMS memory block (see #02782)
	supported by Helix's RM386 v6.00 and Helix's CLOAKING.EXE
SeeAlso: #02778,#02779

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