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Table 2581

Format of Burnout Plus control structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	size of structure in bytes
 01h	WORD	Burnout Plus version
 03h	WORD	screen blanking reset count in clock ticks
 05h	WORD	current countdown value in clock ticks
 07h	BYTE	type of timeout specification
 08h	BYTE	instant-blank hotkey
 09h	WORD	extended status information (see #02582)
		the bits for password, passkey, and software blanking are
		  ignored and cannot be enabled or disabled externally
 0Bh	WORD	features enabled (see #02580)
Note:	all fields except the first two may be modified by external programs
	  to affect the operation of Burnout Plus
Index:	hotkeys;Burnout Plus

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