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Table 281

Format of Bootable CD-ROM Specification Packet:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	size of packet in bytes (13h)
 01h	BYTE	boot media type (see #00282)
 02h	BYTE	drive number
		00h floppy image
		80h bootable hard disk
		81h-FFh nonbootable or no emulation
 03h	BYTE	CD-ROM controller number
 04h	DWORD	Logical Block Address of disk image to emulate
 08h	WORD	device specification (see also #00282)
		(IDE) bit 0: drive is slave instead of master
		(SCSI)	bits 7-0: LUN and PUN
			bits 15-8: bus number
 0Ah	WORD	segment of 3K buffer for caching CD-ROM reads
 0Ch	WORD	load segment for initial boot image
		if 0000h, load at segment 07C0h
 0Eh	WORD	number of 512-byte virtual sectors to load
		(only valid for AH=4Ch)
 10h	BYTE	low byte of cylinder count (for INT 13/AH=08h)
 11h	BYTE	sector count, high bits of cylinder count (for INT 13/AH=08h)
 12h	BYTE	head count (for INT 13/AH=08h)
SeeAlso: #00283,AH=08h

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