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Table 1581

Bitfields for CP/M type indicator:
Bit(s)	Description	)
 7-4	CPU type
	0000 = 8080
	0001 = 8086
 3-0	OS type
	0000 = CP/M
	0001 = MP/M
	0002 = CP/Net
	0004 = multiuser
Notes:	Usually 10h (single-user) or 14h (multi-user).
	While earlier releases of the system utilities performed a test for
	  a version code of (>)= (10)xxh, this was changed with
	  DR-OpenDOS 7.02+ (now taking a possible multi-user version into
	  account): Most utilities now test for AH being either 10h or 14h,
	  and a BDOS version >=xxh to allow them to properly run on possible
	  future multi-user releases of DR-DOS. Before doing this test, some
	  of them strip off the CP/Net bit.
SeeAlso: #01580

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