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Table 80

Bitfields for VESA SuperVGA mode attributes:
Bit(s)	Description	)
 0	mode supported by present hardware configuration
 1	optional information available (must be =1 for VBE v1.2+)
 2	BIOS output supported
 3	set if color, clear if monochrome
 4	set if graphics mode, clear if text mode
---VBE v2.0+ ---
 5	mode is not VGA-compatible
 6	bank-switched mode not supported
 7	linear framebuffer mode supported
 8	double-scan mode available (e.g. 320x200 and 320x240)
---VBE v3.0 ---
 9	interlaced mode available
 10	hardware supports triple buffering
 11	hardware supports stereoscopic display
 12	dual display start address support
 13-15	reserved
---VBE/AF v1.0P---
 9	application must call EnableDirectAccess before calling bank-switching
SeeAlso: #00079

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