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Table 2779

Call the Cloaking v1.01 "Verify Cloaking Host" function with:
	AH = 7Fh
Return: AX = status
	    0000h failed
	    0001h (successful) if installed
		BX = version (0101h for v1.01)
		CX = flags
		    bit 0: host is VCPI-based
		DS:DX -> ASCIZ Cloaking host signature
		    "CLOAKING.EXE"0, followed by a far-call entry point to
		      uninstall host (see #02780) in Helix's CLOAKING.EXE
SeeAlso: #02778,#02781
Index:	installation check;Cloaking host|installation check;CLOAKING.EXE

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