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Table 1779

Format of Windows95 long filename FindData record:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	file attributes
		bits 0-6 standard DOS attributes (see #01420 at INT 21/AX=4301h)
		bit 8: temporary file
 04h	QWORD	file creation time (number of 100ns intervals since 1/1/1601)
 0Ch	QWORD	last access time
 14h	QWORD	last modification time
 1Ch	DWORD	file size (high 32 bits)
 20h	DWORD	file size (low 32 bits)
 24h  8 BYTEs	reserved (apparently unused)
 2Ch 260 BYTEs	ASCIZ full filename
130h 14 BYTEs	ASCIZ short filename (for backward compatibility)
Note:	under Windows95B, the ASCIZ short filename will be the empty string
	  if the directory does not contain a long filename entry for the
	  file; in that case, the application should use the full filename
SeeAlso: #01780

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