Format of Phoenix Enhanced Disk Drive Spec Fixed Disk Parameter Table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	physical I/O port base address
 02h	WORD	disk-drive control port address
 04h	BYTE	drive flags (see #00279)
 05h	BYTE	proprietary information
		bits 7-4 reserved (0)
		bits 3-0: Phoenix proprietary (used by BIOS)
 06h	BYTE	IRQ for drive (bits 3-0; bits 7-4 reserved and must be 0)
 07h	BYTE	sector count for multi-sector transfers
 08h	BYTE	DMA control
		bits 7-4: DMA type (0-2) as per ATA-2 specification
		bits 3-0: DMA channel
 09h	BYTE	programmed I/O control
		bits 7-4: reserved (0)
		bits 3-0: PIO type (1-4) as per ATA-2 specification
 0Ah	WORD	drive options (see #00280)
 0Ch  2 BYTEs	reserved (0)
 0Eh	BYTE	extension revision level (high nybble=major, low nybble=minor)
		(currently 10h for v1.0 and 11h for v1.1-3.0)
 0Fh	BYTE	2's complement checksum of bytes 00h-0Eh
		8-bit sum of all bytes 00h-0Fh should equal 00h
Note:	this structure is also called the Device Paramter Table Extension
SeeAlso: #00277