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Table 3277

Format of HP 95LX event record:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	event type (see #03276)
 02h	WORD	ASCII code page 850 translation of keystroke
		or grow/shrink amount in paragraphs or 0000h if error
		or alarm expiration data
 04h	BYTE	scan code from BIOS
 05h	BYTE	shift key states at time keystroke is retrieved
 06h	WORD	LICS translation of keystroke
 08h	BYTE	function key number (1-2-3 only)
 09h	DWORD	pointer to 1-2-3 bridge record (see #03279)
		or pointer to time change structure (see #03278)
Note:	if the System Manager is awaiting the conclusion of a bridge service
	  or grow/shrink call and the event type field is set to FFFFh on
	  entry, the SysMgr will resume

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