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Table 77

Format of SuperVGA information:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  4 BYTEs	(ret) signature ("VESA")
		(call) VESA 2.0 request signature ("VBE2"), required to receive
		  version 2.0 info
 04h	WORD	VESA version number (one-digit minor version -- 0102h = v1.2)
 06h	DWORD	pointer to OEM name
		"761295520" for ATI
 0Ah	DWORD	capabilities flags (see #00078)
 0Eh	DWORD	pointer to list of supported VESA and OEM video modes
		(list of words terminated with FFFFh)
 12h	WORD	total amount of video memory in 64K blocks
---VBE v1.x ---
 14h 236 BYTEs	reserved
---VBE v2.0 ---
 14h	WORD	OEM software version (BCD, high byte = major, low byte = minor)
 16h	DWORD	pointer to vendor name
 1Ah	DWORD	pointer to product name
 1Eh	DWORD	pointer to product revision string
 22h	WORD	(if capabilities bit 3 set) VBE/AF version (BCD)
		0100h for v1.0P
 24h	DWORD	(if capabilities bit 3 set) pointer to list of supported
		  accelerated video modes (list of words terminated with FFFFh)
 28h 216 BYTEs	reserved for VBE implementation
100h 256 BYTEs	OEM scratchpad (for OEM strings, etc.)
Notes:	the list of supported video modes is stored in the reserved portion of
	  the SuperVGA information record by some implementations, and it may
	  thus be necessary to either copy the mode list or use a different
	  buffer for all subsequent VESA calls
	not all of the video modes in the list of mode numbers may be
	  supported, e.g. if they require more memory than currently installed
	  or are not supported by the attached monitor.	 Check any mode you
	  intend to use through AX=4F01h first.
	the 1.1 VESA document specifies 242 reserved bytes at the end, so the
	  buffer should be 262 bytes to ensure that it is not overrun; for
	  v2.0, the buffer should be 512 bytes
	the S3 specific video modes will most likely follow the FFFFh
	  terminator at the end of the standard modes.	A search must then
	  be made to find them, FFFFh will also terminate this second list
	in some cases, only a "stub" VBE may be present, supporting only
	  AX=4F00h; this case may be assumed if the list of supported video
	  modes is empty (consisting of a single word of FFFFh)

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