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Table 2276

Format of NetWare "Get Volume Extended Information" reply packet:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	system interval
		(up-time in clock ticks, wraps to 0 on reaching FFFFFFFFh)
 04h	BYTE	volume number
 05h	BYTE	logical drive number
 06h	WORD	number of 512-byte sectors per disk block
 08h	DWORD	starting block number of volume
 0Ch	WORD	total number of disk blocks
 0Eh	WORD	number of free disk blocks
 10h	WORD	total number of directory entries
 12h	WORD	number of available directory entries
 14h	WORD	maximum directory entries ever used
 16h	BYTE	flag: volume is hashed in memory if nonzero
 17h	BYTE	flag: volume is cached if nonzero
 18h	BYTE	flag: volume is removable if nonzero
 19h	BYTE	flag: volume is mounted if nonzero
 1Ah 16 BYTEs	volume name (null-padded)
SeeAlso: #02275

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