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Table 1776

Format of PCW Weather Card data structure:
Offset	Type	Description	)
 00h	WORD	hour
 02h	WORD	minute
 04h	WORD	second
 06h	WORD	day
 08h	WORD	month
 0Ah	WORD	year
 0Ch	WORD	???
 0Eh	WORD	relative barometric pressure (in 1/100 inches)
 10h	WORD	???
 12h	WORD	???
 14h	WORD	temperature 1 (in 1/10 degrees F)
 16h	WORD	temperature 1 lowest (in 1/10 degrees F)
 18h	WORD	temperature 1 highest (in 1/10 degrees F)
 1Ah	WORD	temperature 2 (in 1/10 degrees F)
 1Ch	WORD	temperature 2 lowest (in 1/10 degrees F)
 1Eh	WORD	temperature 2 highest (in 1/10 degrees F)
 20h	WORD	wind speed (in MPH)
 22h	WORD	average of 60 wind speed samples (in MPH)
 24h	WORD	highest wind speed (in MPH)
 26h	WORD	wind chill factor  (in 1/10 degrees F)
 28h	WORD	lowest wind chill factor (in 1/10 degrees F)
 2Ah	WORD	???
 2Ch	WORD	wind direction (in degrees)
 2Eh	WORD	accumulated daily rainfall (in 1/10 inches)
 30h	WORD	accumulated annual rainfall (in 1/10 inches)

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