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Table 1775

Format of MS-DOS v7.0 internationalization table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  3 BYTEs	unused (and ignored by DOS)
 03h	WORD	country ID (see #01400 at AH=38h)
 05h	WORD	code page (see #01757)
 07h	WORD	date format
 09h  5 BYTEs	ASCIZ currency symbol string
 07h  2 BYTEs	ASCIZ thousands separator
 09h  2 BYTEs	ASCIZ decimal separator
 0Bh  2 BYTEs	ASCIZ date separator
 0Dh  2 BYTEs	ASCIZ time separator
 0Fh	BYTE	currency format
		bit 2 = set if currency symbol replaces decimal point
		bit 1 = number of spaces between value and currency symbol
		bit 0 = 0 if currency symbol precedes value
			1 if currency symbol follows value
 10h	BYTE	number of digits after decimal in currency
 11h	BYTE	time format
		bit 0 = 0 if 12-hour clock
			1 if 24-hour clock
 12h	DWORD	address of case map routine
		(FAR CALL, AL = character to map to upper case [>= 80h])
 16h  2 BYTEs	ASCIZ data-list separator
 18h 10 BYTEs	reserved
Note:	this table has the identical format to the extended country information
	  retrieved via AH=65h with info ID = 01h
SeeAlso: #01399,#01750

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