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Table 3674

Format of CREATE_TP verb:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 12 BYTEs	reserved
 0Ch	WORD	2300h (verb "CREATE_TP")
 0Eh  6 BYTEs	00h
 14h	DWORD	(big-endian) sense code (see #03675)
 18h  8 BYTEs	(big-endian) TP ID
 20h  8 BYTEs	(big-endian) logical unit ID
 28h	DWORD	(big-endian) conversation ID
 2Ch	BYTE	0 basic conversation, 1 mapped conversation
 2Dh	BYTE	0 no sync level, 1 confirm
 2Eh	BYTE	reserved
 2Fh 65 BYTEs	(counted string) transaction program name
 70h  6 BYTEs	00h
 76h	WORD	length of ERROR_LOG_DATA to return
 78h	DWORD	pointer to ERROR_LOG_DATA buffer
 7Ch  8 BYTEs	(big-endian) partner logical unit name
 84h 18 BYTEs	(counted string) partner fully qualified logical unit name
 96h  8 BYTEs	(big-endian) mode name
 9Eh 12 BYTEs	00h
 AAh 11 BYTEs	(counted string) password
 B5h 11 BYTEs	(counted string) user ID
 C0h	BYTE	0 verification should be performed
		1 already verified
SeeAlso: #03673,#03676

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