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Table 2574

Bitfields for AMIS shift states:
Bit(s)	Description	)
 0	right shift pressed
 1	left shift pressed
 2	either control key pressed
 3	either Alt key pressed
 4	ScrollLock active
 5	NumLock active
 6	CapsLock active
 7	either shift key pressed
 8	left control key pressed
 9	left Alt key pressed
 10	right control key pressed
 11	right Alt key pressed
 12	ScrollLock pressed
 13	NumLock pressed
 14	CapsLock pressed
 15	SysReq key pressed
Notes:	if bit 2 is set, either control key may be pressed for the hotkey; if
	  bits 8 and 10 are both set, then both control keys must be pressed.
	  Similarly for bits 3 and 9/11, as well as 7 and 0/1.
	the SysReq key is often labeled SysRq
SeeAlso: #02572,#02575

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