Format of IBM/MS INT 13 Extensions drive parameters:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	(call) size of buffer
		    (001Ah for v1.x, 001Eh for v2.x, 42h for v3.0)
		(ret) size of returned data
 02h	WORD	information flags (see #00274)
 04h	DWORD	number of physical cylinders on drive
 08h	DWORD	number of physical heads on drive
 0Ch	DWORD	number of physical sectors per track
 10h	QWORD	total number of sectors on drive
 18h	WORD	bytes per sector
---v2.0+ ---
 1Ah	DWORD	-> EDD configuration parameters (see #00278)
		FFFFh:FFFFh if not available
---v3.0 ---
 1Eh	WORD	signature BEDDh to indicate presence of Device Path info
 20h	BYTE	length of Device Path information, including signature and this
		  byte (24h for v3.0)
 21h  3 BYTEs	reserved (0)
 24h  4 BYTEs	ASCIZ name of host bus ("ISA" or "PCI")
 28h  8 BYTEs	ASCIZ name of interface type
		"1394" IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
		"FIBRE" Fibre Channel
 30h  8 BYTEs	Interface Path (see #00275)
 38h  8 BYTEs	Device Path (see #00276)
 40h	BYTE	reserved (0)
 41h	BYTE	checksum of bytes 1Eh-40h (two's complement of sum, which makes
		  the 8-bit sum of bytes 1Eh-41h equal 00h)
Note:	if the size is less than 30 on call, the final DWORD will not be
	  returned by a v2.x implementation; similarly for the Device Path info
SeeAlso: #00277,#03196