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Table 4072

Values for CAPI v1.1 message command/subcommand:
Cmd/SubCmd	Name			Description
 01h/00h    RESET-B3-REQ	request resetting of a Level 3 connection
 01h/01h    RESET-B3-CONF	confirm Level 3 connection reset
 01h/02h    RESET-B3-IND	indication from CAPI that Level 3 conn. reset
 01h/03h    RESET-B3-RESP	confirm receipt of RESET-B3-IND
 02h/00h    CONNECT-REQ		establish B-channel connection
 02h/01h    CONNECT-CONF	confirm start of connection establishment
 02h/02h    CONNECT-IND		indication from CAPI of incoming connection
 02h/03h    CONNECT-RESP	accept incoming connection
 03h/02h    CONNECT-ACTIVE-IND	indication that B-channel connection complete
 03h/03h    CONNECT-ACTIVE-RESP	confirm connection-complete indication
 04h/00h    DISCONNECT-REQ	request shutdown of B-channel connection
 04h/01h    DISCONNECT-CONF	confirm shutdown of B-channel connection
 04h/02h    DISCONNECT-IND	indication that B-channel is shutting down
 04h/03h    DISCONNECT-RESP	confirm that application knows of shutdown
 05h/00h    LISTEN-REQ		enable indication of incoming connections
 05h/01h    LISTEN-CONF		confirm enabling of incoming conn. indication
 06h/00h    GET-PARAMS-REQ	request B-channel parameters
 06h/01h    GET-PARAMS-CONF	return B-channel parameters
 07h/00h    INFO-REQ		set B-channel info to be signalled to app
 07h/01h    INFO-CONF		confirm B-channel info signalling
 07h/02h    INFO-IND		signal B-channel events to application
 07h/03h    INFO-CONF		confirm receipt of INFO-IND
 08h/00h    DATA-REQ		send D-channel data
 08h/01h    DATA-CONF		confirm receipt of DATA-REQ
 08h/02h    DATA-IND		receive D-channel data
 08h/03h    DATA-RESP		confirm receipt fo DATA-IND
 09h/00h    CONNECT-INFO-REQ	request connection information
 09h/01h    CONNECT-INFO-CONF	return connection information
 40h/00h    SELECT-B2-PROTOCOL-REQ  select Level 2 protocol
 40h/01h    SELECT-B2-PROTOCOL-CONF confirm receipt of SELECT-B2-PROTOCOL-REQ
 80h/00h    SELECT-B3-PROTOCOL-REQ  select Level 3 protocol
 80h/01h    SELECT-B3-PROTOCOL-CONF confirm receipt of SELECT-B3-PROTOCOL-REQ
 81h/00h    LISTEN-B3-REQ	enable notification of incoming Level 3 calls
 81h/01h    LISTEN-B3-CONF	confirm receipt of LISTEN-B3-REQ
 82h/00h    CONNECT-B3-REQ	establish Level 3 connection
 82h/01h    CONNECT-B3-CONF	confirm start of connection establishment
 82h/02h    CONNECT-B3-IND	indication of incoming Level 3 connection
 82h/03h    CONNECT-B3-RESP	accept incoming connection
 83h/02h    CONNECT-B3-ACTIVE-IND  indication that Level 3 connection complete
 83h/03h    CONNECT-B3-ACTIVE-RESP confirm connection-complete indication
 84h/00h    DISCONNECT-B3-REQ	request shutdown of Level 3 connection
 84h/01h    DISCONNECT-B3-CONF	confirm shutdown of Level 3 connection
 84h/02h    DISCONNECT-B3-IND	indication that Level 3 is shutting down
 84h/03h    DISCONNECT-B3-RESP	confirm that application knows of shutdown
 85h/00h    GET-B3-PARAMS-REQ	request Level 3 parameters
 85h/01h    GET-B3-PARAMS-CONF	return Level 3 parameters
 86h/00h    DATA-B3-REQ		send data on Level 3
 86h/01h    DATA-B3-CONF	confirm sending of Level 3 data
 86h/02h    DATA-B3-IND		indication of incoming Level 3 data
 86h/03h    DATA-B3-RESP	confirm receipt of Level 3 data
 87h/02h    HANDSET-IND		indication of Handset events
 87h/03h    HANDSET-RESP	confirm receipt of Handset event
 FFh/00h    MANUFACTURER-REQ	vendor-specific request
 FFh/01h    MANUFACTURER-CONF	vendor-specific request confirmation
 FFh/02h    MANUFACTURER-IND	vendor-specific notification
 FFh/03h    MANUFACTURER-RESP	vendor-specific notification confirmation
SeeAlso: #04071,#04073

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