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Table 3670

Format of APPC/PC "Attach Logical Unit" control block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 12 BYTEs	reserved
 0Ch	WORD	2100h (verb "Attach Logical Unit")
 0Eh  6 BYTEs	00h
 14h	DWORD	(big-endian) return code (see #03668)
 18h	WORD	70  offset to partner logical unit record
 1Ah  8 BYTEs	(big-endian) logical unit name
 22h  8 BYTEs	(big-endian) logical unit ID
 2Ah	BYTE	logical unit local address
 2Bh	BYTE	logical unit session limit
 2Ch	DWORD	pointer to CREATE_TP_EXIT routine,
		FFFFFFFFh = reject incoming ALLOCATEs
		00000000h = queue ALLOCATEs
 30h	DWORD	00h
 34h	DWORD	pointer to SYSTEM_LOG_EXIT routine, FFFFFFFFh=don't log errors
 38h	DWORD	00h
 3Ch	BYTE	maximum TPs
 3Dh	BYTE	queue depth
 3Eh	DWORD	pointer to LU_LU_PASSWORD_EXIT routine, FFFFFFFFh=no pswd exit
 42h	DWORD	00h
 46h	WORD	total length of partner records
 48h	var	array of partner logical unit records (see #03671)
SeeAlso: #03673,#03674,#03676

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