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Table 270

Format of QUICKCACHE II drive info [16-element array, one element]:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	DOS drive number
 01h	BYTE	BIOS drive number
 02h	BYTE	maximum sector number
 03h	BYTE	maximum head number
 04h	BYTE	read buffer size
 05h	BYTE	write buffer size
 06h	BYTE	last status
 07h	BYTE	flag: enabled
 08h	BYTE	flag: buffered write enabled
 09h	BYTE	flag: buffered read enabled
 0Ah	BYTE	flag: in use (drive info is valid)
 0Bh	BYTE	flag: cylinder flush
 0Ch	BYTE	reserved (padding)
 0Dh	BYTE	sectors per track
 0Eh	WORD	sector size
 10h	WORD	sectors assigned
 12h	WORD	dirty sectors
 14h	WORD	reserved sectors
 16h	WORD	number of read errors
 18h	WORD	number of write errors
 1Ah	DWORD	"rio_count"
 1Eh	DWORD	number of cache misses
 22h	DWORD	"wio_count"
 26h	DWORD	"dio_count"
SeeAlso: #00269

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