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Table 3869

Values for Telebit ACS return code:
 00h	success
 01h	invalid session
 05h	servername invalid
 06h	NetWare fileserver bindery is locked
 07h	communication server not active
 08h	general failure in NetWare fileserver
 09h	not logged into a fileserver
 10h	connection table full
 11h	no response from communication server
 12h	connection attempt terminated abnormally
 13h	connection refused - no sessions available
 14h	gateway number/port already in use
 15h	invalid connection response
 16h	port invalid
 17h	incorrect version in server response
 18h	gateway number/port combination not configured
 19h	initialization has not been completed
 20h	no more sockets are available
 21h	no active poolname
 23h	FATAL internal interface error
 24h	registration of host workstation failed - name is already in use
 25h	registration of host workstation failed - workstation name table full
 26h	registration of host workstation failed - only one session may be
	  registered for dial-in
 FFh	Telebit ACS API is busy - retry later

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