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Table 3369

Values for VINES function status:
 0000h	successful
 000Bh	invalid session ID
 000Ch	session not active
 000Dh	invalid request type
 000Eh	invalid parameters
 000Fh	out of heap space
 0010h	timeout on send
 0011h	Banyan communications error
 0012h	session not waiting for host
 0013h	session is active
 0014h	duplicate suspend session request
 0015h	no session suspended
 0016h	ring data buffer full
 0017h	printer error encountered
 0018h	Banyan communications error
 0019h	unable to make connection
 001Ah	no ring buffer specified at startup
 001Bh	service is down
 001Ch	invalid service name
 001Dh	service is closed
 001Eh	invalid connection name
 001Fh	max session limit reached for service
 0020h	access rights list for connection/dialout does not include this user
 0021h	service not responding
 0022h	missing telephone number
SeeAlso: #03325,#03373

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