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Table 1369

Format of Phar Lap program load parameter block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	initial EIP
 04h	WORD	initial CS
 06h	DWORD	initial ESP
 0Ah	WORD	initial SS
 0Ch  4 WORDs	initial DS, ES, FS, GS
 14h	DWORD	minimum size in bytes of program segment
 18h	DWORD	bytes of additional memory allocated
 1Ch	DWORD	flags
		bit 0: child linked with -UNPRIVILEGED
		---v6.0+ ---
		bit 1: child is PE file instead of .EXP
		bit 2: loaded file is a DLL
		bits 3-31 reserved
---v6.0+ ---
 20h	DWORD	module handles (PE files only)
 24h  7 DWORDs	reserved (0)

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