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Table 2967

Values for QRIP special codes:
 0000h	if none
 0100h	wait for user keypress (must call AX=AC16h/BL=00h or AX=AC18h)
 0101h	both/middle mouse button pressed
 0102h	entering block mode (up/download) (call AX=AC1Ah)
 0103h	right mouse button pressed
 0104h	BBS requested status bar on
 0105h	BBS requested status bar off
 0106h	BBS requested VT-102 terminal emulation
	(keypad keys should send VT-102 escape codes)
 0107h	BBS requested VT-102 mode off
 0108h	BBS requested doorway mode (raw IBM keyboard ASCII/scan code pairs)
 0109h	BBS requested doorway mode off
 010Ah	hotkey mode on
 010Bh	hotkey mode off
 010Ch	BBS requested Tab-key button changing on
 010Dh	BBS requested Tab-key mode off
 010Eh	XOFF (use flow control to stop incoming characters)
 010Fh	XON (use flow control to resume incoming characters)
 0110h-0119h BBS requested application (0-9) be run
	application 0 should be a standard text editor
 01FFh	send ASCII 00h to BBS
Note:	for special codes 0104h to 010Dh, the terminal program should report
	  any mode changes it make in response by calling AX=AC16h

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