Format of drive information block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	general drive configuration (see #00268)
 02h	WORD	number of cylinders
 04h	WORD	reserved
 06h	WORD	number of heads
 08h	WORD	number of unformatted bytes per track
 0Ah	WORD	number of unformatted bytes per sector
 0Ch	WORD	number of sectors per track
 0Eh  6 BYTEs	vendor unique
 14h 20 BYTEs	serial number in ASCII, 0000h=not specified)
 28h	WORD	buffer type
 2Ah	WORD	buffer size in 512 byte increments (0000h=not specified)
 2Ch	WORD	number of ECC bytes passed on Read/Write Long cmds
		0000h = not specified
 2Eh  8 BYTEs	firmware revision in ASCII, 0000h=not specified
 36h 40 BYTEs	model number in ASCII, 0000h=not specified
 5Eh	WORD	bits 15-8  Vendor Unique
		bits 7-0  00h = Read/Write Multiple commands not implemented
			  xxh = Maximum number of sectors that can be
			  transferred per interrupt on Read and Write
			  Multiple commands
 60h	WORD	0000h = cannot perform doubleword I/O
		0001h = can perform doubleword I/O
 62h	WORD	capabilities
		bit 15-9  0=reserved
		bit 8  1=DMA Supported
		bit 7-0	 Vendor Unique
 64h	WORD	reserved
 66h	WORD	bits 15-8 PIO data transfer cycle timing mode
		bits 7-0  Vendor Unique
 68h	WORD	bits 15-8 DMA data transfer cycle timing mode
		bits 7-0  Vendor Unique
 6Ah	WORD	bits 15-1 reserved
		bit 0	1=the fields reported in tranlation mode are valid
			0=the fields reported in translation mode may be valid
 6Ch	WORD	number of current cylinders
 6Eh	WORD	number of current heads
 70h	WORD	number of current sectors per track
 72h	DWORD	current capacity in sectors
 76h	WORD	reserved
 78h 136 BYTEs	not defined by ATA spec 2.6
100h 64 BYTEs	vendor unique
140h 96 BYTEs	reserved
Note:	the above description is as in the ATA (AT Attachment) Specification.
SeeAlso: #P0516