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Table 1467

Format of 386MAX v6.01+ state:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 -1	BYTE	(call) 03h
 00h  6 BYTEs	signature "386MAX"
 06h  4 BYTEs	version string "N;NN" or "N.NN" (i.e. "6;01" for v6.01)
		(';' by default; apparently changed to a period when 386MAX
		has linked high RAM into DOS's memory chain)
 0Ah	WORD	segment of low-memory portion of 386MAX.SYS
 0Ch  2 BYTEs	???
 0Eh	WORD	segment of ??? memory block or 0000h
 10h	WORD	bit flags 1 (see #01468)
 12h	WORD	starting address of video memory in KB
 14h  2 BYTEs	???
 16h	WORD	total high DOS memory in KB
 18h  2 BYTEs	???
 1Ah	WORD	available shared memory in KB
 1Ch	WORD	KBytes extended memory used by 386MAX
 1Eh  2 BYTEs	???
 20h	WORD	total extended memory in KB
 22h	WORD	IO port to write (OUT DX,AL) to invoke 386MAX INT 15 functions
 24h	WORD	IO port to write (OUT DX,AL) to invoke 386MAX API functions
		  (see #01481)
 26h	WORD	??? (depends on DOS version)
 28h	WORD	size of ??? in paragraphs
 2Ah	DWORD	machine type (see #01476)
 2Eh	DWORD	-> first DOS memory control block
 32h	WORD	system configuration flags (see #01469)
 34h	WORD	debugging flags 1 (see #01470)
 36h	WORD	debugging flags 2 (see #01471)
 38h  2 BYTEs	???
 3Ah	WORD	segment of first MCB in high memory chain
 3Ch	WORD	feature flags 1 (see #01473)
 3Eh	WORD	feature flags 2 (see #01474)
 40h	WORD	feature flags 3 (see #01475)
 42h	WORD	segment of first 386MAX control block??? (see #01477)
 44h	WORD	amount of memory to report available on INT 15/AH=88h
 46h  4 BYTEs	???
 4Ah	WORD	number of K at start of address space swapped with fast
		  extended memory (SWAP= parameter)
 4Ch  2 BYTEs	???
 4Eh	WORD	segment address of ???
 50h	WORD	debugging flags 3 (see #01472)
 52h	DWORD	old INT 21h
 56h	DWORD	pointer to 386MAX's EMS (INT 67h) handler
---386MAX v7.00---
 5Ah	DWORD	KB of extended memory managed by 386MAX
 5Eh	DWORD	bytes of extended memory (EXT= parameter)
 62h  4 BYTEs	???

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