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Table 1267

Values for VPICD (VxD ID 0003h) service number:
 0000h	get version
 0001h	virtualize IRQ
 0002h	set interrupt request
 0003h	clear interrupt request
 0004h	physical EOI
 0005h	get complete status
 0006h	get status
 0007h	test physical request
 0008h	physically mask
 0009h	physically unmask
 000Ah	set automatic masking
 000Bh	get IRQ complete status
 000Ch	convert handle to IRQ
 000Dh	convert IRQ to interrupt
 000Eh	convert interrupt to IRQ
 000Fh	call on hardware interrupt
 0010h	force default owner
 0011h	force default behavior
 0012h	"VPICD_Auto_Mask_At_Inst_Swap"
 0013h	"VPICD_Begin_Inst_Page_Swap"
 0014h	"VPICD_End_Inst_Page_Swap"
 0015h	"VPICD_Virtual_EOI"
 0016h	"VPICD_Get_Virtualization_Count"
 0017h	"VPICD_Post_Sys_Critical_Init"
 0018h	"VPICD_VM_SlavePIC_Mask_Change"
SeeAlso: #01265,#01268,INT 2F/AX=1684h/BX=0003h

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