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Table 3666

Call EMM386.EXE API entry point with:
	AH = 00h get memory manager's status
	    Return: AH = status
			bit 0: not active (OFF)
			bit 1: in "Auto" mode
	AH = 01h set memory manager's state
	    AL = new state (00h ON, 01h OFF, 02h AUTO)
	AH = 02h Weitek coprocessor support
	    AL = subfunction
		00h get Weitek support state
		    Return: AL = status
				bit 0: Weitek coprocessor is present
				bit 1: Weitek support is enabled
		01h turn on Weitek support
		02h turn off Weitek support
     --- v4.20-4.41 only ---
	AH = 03h Windows support???
	    AL = subfunction (00h, 01h)
	AH = 04h print copyright notice to standard output
		 (using INT 21/AH=09h)
	AH = 05h print available report
		 (the one shown when running EMM386 from the DOS prompt)
SeeAlso: #01513 at INT 21/AX=4402h/SF=02h,#02617 at INT 2F/AX=12FFh/BX=0106h

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